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Resolver II
Resolver II

How to get customer identity with PowerApps Portal login + Omnichannel Chat Widget + Power Virtual Agent

My setup:

I have an Omnichannel Chat Bot Widget running on a Power Apps portal. I've published a Power Virtual Agent bot and linked its Azure AppID to Omnichannel for Customer Service. I've got queues and routing rules and a pre-chat survey setup. The Agent bot receives all chat requests first and then conditionally routes them to the appropriate queue with human agents. The only reason for a pre-chat survey is to ask for the customer's name and email address for identification.



I want to auto identify the customer for my agents. Not just collect the identification info with a pre-chat survey for the agent to reference when searching for the contact record, but to automatically assign the contact record to the conversation straight away and have the chat notification popup to show "Chat request from Andrea Irvington" instead of  "Chat request from Visitor 1". But I haven't been able to achieve this after reading and playing around.


First issue:

So far I've been using the chat widget (as a customer on the Portal) without being logged into the Portal. I've set pre-chat survey questions with Question Name = Name, Question Name = Full Name, Question Name = fullname and none of them work to auto identify as a Contact record. I've made sure my Dynamics 365 system settings has Full Name display set to "First Name Last Name" which is what I want. I've also made sure I don't have contact records with the same name. The pre-chat survey Question Name insists on alphabet only with no underscores or numbers, which is not the case for entity field display names or names. For example the Contact entity has fields like in the following screenshot with numbers, and custom fields will carry an underscore in the Name. So what is the question name supposed to match against to get a entity lookup?



Second issue:

Eventually I will have people registering and logging in on the Portal. When I register on the portal, a Contact record gets created. When I log in on the Portal and use the Chat, how can I get the Chat Widget and/or the Agent Bot to pick up the name of the logged in user, without having to use a pre-chat survey anymore?



Third issue:

Is there any way for the Power Virtual Agent bot to pick up the name of the logged in Portal user? In Step 2 of the screenshot above, the Bot says "Hi, what are you after today?" I would like the Bot to recognise that "Andrea Irvington" is logged into the Portal that it's on and for it to say "Hi Andrea, what are you after today?" instead.


Would someone be able to help me with this please? I'm at my wits end. I've seen this achieved in many screenshots and videos but I've not come across any real instructions that deliver results. Please and thank you all very much.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: How to get customer identity with PowerApps Portal login + Omnichannel Chat Widget + Power Virtual Agent

Hi @Lexicron ,


Regarding authentication please check out this article from the official documentation. It shows how to setup authentication setting for a chat and has a section for PowerApps Portal as well. 


Regarding Power Virtual Agent I think better will be to ask at Power Virtual Agent forum.

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Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: How to get customer identity with PowerApps Portal login + Omnichannel Chat Widget + Power Virtual Agent

Hi @OOlashyn 

Thank you. I have added an auth setting to my Chat Widget but I'm still unable to get the Contact record picked up by the chat. The conversation summary now says Authenticated "Yes" but there is no auto-identification of customer.


What else is there that I need to do?



Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: How to get customer identity with PowerApps Portal login + Omnichannel Chat Widget + Power Virtual Agent

Ugh. I'm so close to pulling my hair out. Why is nothing working??


In Omnichannel for Customer Service,

The chat request still says Visitor instead of the visitor's name.

The customer record section is still empty.

The pre-chat survey has perfectly valid responses.

The chat visitor is authenticated.

In Portal Management,

The contact DOES exist, exactly as answered in the pre-chat survey.

There is only one such contact with that name.

Full name display is set to First Name Last Name.

In the Portal,

The visitor is logged in as the correct Contact.

In Omnichannel Administration,

An auth setting has been created against the above Portal and assigned to the Chat Widget.

The Chat Widget has pre-chat survey questions set up.

The workstream the Chat Widget is assigned to has the relevant context variables from the pre-chat survey. But am I supposed to do something with those context variables?




I really don't know what else to do. I've dug around and searched and read and carried out all the instructions I could find.


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