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How to prevent duplicate records with advanced forms


I have a dataverse table that contains the portal user (lookup on Customer table ) and a string column, 'period'.

I have an advanced form with the first step displaying an input field for this field 'period'.  However, I want to prevent duplicate entries, so that there is only one record for each portal user.  

I cannot use alternative keys as there is no column for the lookup column when I try and create an alternative key in dataverse, I see the rest of the columns but not the portal user column.  


The ideal behaviour is when the user starts the advanced form and enters a value in the period column.  If there is already a record with the portal user and period value, then it should redirect to an edit form.


Thanks in advance,

Resolver I
Resolver I

I am writing an article for the solution for custom duplicate detection, will post here as soon as it's ready.

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