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Helper IV
Helper IV

How to remove the border of an embedded power bi report

Hi All


We have a portal page that contains an embedded power bi report (using the power bi component). When the report is displayed there is a border on the left and top of the report. How can this be removed?


I've looked at this further. In the browser using the developer tool (f12) I can see the iframe which contains the report. I can edit the iframe tag and manipulate the border. So I've tried using javascript (in the advanced section of the page in portal management) to do the same but no joy. I'm using getElementsByTagName but it doesn't see the iframe. Is this to do with how the page is being built, is there an event that needs to fire before I can access the iframe element?



Super User
Super User

Hi @paulsnolan 


  There is a recent article from @OOlashyn to customize Power BI embedded frame. Link for your reference 


This should solve your problem. If you have no joy please let us know. 


Hope it helps. 


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Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi ragavanrajan


Thanks for the reply. That worked, almost. I've got working code and I've placed it in the Custom Javascript section of the Advanced tab of the Web Page which has the power bi-component. I say it almost works because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've put alerts in the code and some at the start and end of the code. From this, I can see when the Custome Javascript is being executed. When the code doesn't work it is when the Custom Javascript isn't being executed like there is some caching of the page somewhere. From my alerts, I can see when the events are being fired and that is when the code works i.e. it is executed. Any ideas?


Bit more information. I’m styling the Iframe. Is there another way using report.updateSettings?

Hi ragavanrajan


This is my Custom Javascript code.


alert("In Advanced> Custom Javascript");


$(window).load(function() {

    // get div container for powerbi report

    var embedContainer = $(".powerbi")[0];


    // get reference to the embedded report

    var report = powerbi.get(embedContainer);


    // register a function to execute when report will finish loading

    report.on("loaded", function(){

        // update existing setting of the reports

        // you can disable only one page or both at the same time


            panes: {

                filters :{

                    visible: false



        }).catch(function (errors) {









function styleIframe() {


  var embedContainer = $(".powerbi")[0];

  var report = powerbi.get(embedContainer);


  /*alert("Report loading ...");*/


  report.on("rendered", function() {


    /*alert("Report loaded so try and manipulate the embedded report");*/


    var iframeElements = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");

    iframeElements[0].style.borderColor = "#f4f4f5";

    iframeElements[0].style.borderStyle = "solid";

    iframeElements[0].style.borderRadius = "10px";

    iframeElements[0].style.borderWidth = "10px";





Hi @paulsnolan , 


        Apologize for the delay in response. I completely missed it.  If you are after only changing the iFrame border. then below is the solution. 


In portal studio: 


1. Themes > Upload "Custom.css" file 

2. And paste in the below css 


iframe {
    border-width: 10px !important;
    border-style: inset !important;
    border-color: #f4f4f5 !important;
    border-image: initial;

3. Press the sync configuration and browse the website. 


Note: !Important is a must.  

Note 1: Change the CSS according to your need. 





Hope it helps. 


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