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How to strip out authenticated users text from display

Hello Guys, 


In one of the web page I am printing the current user role of the user using liquid template 




And it display like below. 



Is there anyway I can strip out "Authenticated Users"  and add comma (,) between all the web roles. In my case ( Napier, Edison Users) are two web roles. 

Appreciate your input on this.  Thanks 


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

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Thank you @Fubar , I tried the string manipulation remove but it is throwing the following error


Liquid error: Object of type 'System.String[]' cannot be converted to type 'System.String'.





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Are you looping user.roles (as it will probably be an array or collection)

Hi @ragavanrajan ,

@Fubar is pointing correctly that user.roles is an array of strings (as per docs), not a string. You need to loop through it:

{% for role in user.roles %}
{% comment %}Do something with the role{% endcomment %}
{{ role }}
{% endfor %}


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