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ISSUE with combobox display and selection

Hello power Apps Team ^^

I hope someone can help me because I am struggling for a few days...

  • To start, I created an event Sharepoint list composed of these fields:
Event NameMin number of ParticipantsMax Number of Participants
Text fieldNumberNumber

- Then, I created another SharePoint list called Inscription with these fields:

Event NameAttendeeMin ParticipantMax ParticipantStatusRecurrence
Lookup from event Listtext fieldLookup from event ListLookup from the event listConfirmed or Cancelledcalculated en powerapps  

-  I am looking to display a popup msg when the number of lines in the inscription list ( status Confirmed)=max number of participants. I created the recurrence field with the following calculation

CountRows(Filter('Enrollment test 2','Event Name'.Value=DataCardValue2.Selected.Value && Status.Value="Confirmed"))

so if I have 5 lines confirmed in the participant list, recurence=5

For the popup msg, I added a simple label with text "Max Number of Participant reached"and the visible If(DataCardValue6.Text=DataCardValue1.Selected.Value,true,false) ( if recurrence=Max number)


  • the issue that the Max integer number is considered by default as a Combobox in this format 5.000000 instead of 5 (for instance).I have tried the following in the defaultselecteddefaultitems= If(SharePointForm1.Mode = FormMode.Edit,{

Id: LookUp('Enrollment test 2',ID= Value(ThisItem.'Event Name:Max Enrollments'.Id), ID),
Value: Text(Value(ThisItem.'Event Name:Max Enrollments'.Value), "##")
}) but it doesn't work and I cannot see anything displayed in the inscription sharepoint.


What should I do? and why a number ( changing according to selected event) is considered by default as a Combobox?

Thanks in advance for any help or comment or tip to improve my solution and to make it works properly



Super User
Super User

Hi @Sabrina1988 ,

may be, this is the wrong audience for that question. May be you get answers in the board. Here you will find Topics around PowerAppsPortals which has to my impression only partly an overlap to PowerApps 🙂

Have fun and keep PowerApping,


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