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Including Liquid and HTML in an advanced form step - Is it possible?

I am new to Portals so bear with me if this is an easy answer. I have an advanced form which has several steps for an end user to fill out an application. Clicking "submit" at the end of the form triggers several processes back in Dataverse. I would like to include a "Review" step within this form that the end user can use to proofread all of the things they just entered on the previous steps prior to clicking submit. 


I could set all of the fields I want the user to "review" into a tab within Dataverse, but it looks so clunky when rendered on the portal. I would like to render the data for the "Review" step in plain text using markup and Liquid tags so it reads more like this:


Please Review Your Application Information Below Before Submitting:


First Name:  John

Last Name: Smith

Job Title: Analyst II


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Hi, that's a very common requirement actually.

What I normally do is create a new form in my Dataverse with all the columns/grids, and then add a new Advanced Form Step pointing to that form in Read-Only mode

This is the last Advanced Form Step, so basically that's where the submit is, additionally what I normally also add is a metadata to set a "Submitted On" value

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Oliver Rodrigues


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@OliverRodrigues Thank you for the reply, It's been a busy week. To clarify you are referring to making each field read-only within the dataverse form or is there an advanced form step setting that will do that?

This is what making the form read-only in Dataverse yields:


I agree, this will work for most instances, but I want to find a way to make it more aesthetic and have the ability to manipulate the way this data is shown on the screen in case an instance calls for it.


Something more like this (not saying it is very pretty here, but with some styling, it has the potential):


This was created on a web page of its own using HTML and Liquid tags. But I'm thinking there is not a way to include something like this within an advanced form.

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