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Helper III

Insert Variable data into Portal based Form

Hello, I'm brand new to PowerApps but I've got some experience monkeying around in VBA and messing with some Outlook automation. I'm not sure how else to express my needs, and my issue, but please bear with me.


I'm producing an application that will automate a job function at work. We, in effect, need a reminder to keep tabs on projects. Each project is cataloged in an Excel workbook with a due date. When the due date is X many days from today, VBA fires an email about that project to someone on the team. The specifics about the project and who it needs to be sent to are isolated to the Excel workbook. There are hundreds of these projects, some happening simultaneously on a given day.


I need a means to send out a "Yes"/"No"/"Maybe" questionnaire to my coworkers about these projects. The questionnaire MUST have these data from the Excel workbook, otherwise it'd be just as much work to fabricate the new questionnaire for every new project/person pairing.


Tl;dr: I need to get data out of an Excel workbook into a PowerApps portal of some kind, then get data back out.


Accessibility is a major must. If it is inaccessible to my agency then I can't pursue whatever avenue. I also must be able to get answer data back out of the Portal/PowerApp. When an end user supplies "Yes" to one of my questionnaires, I need to know which employee, about which project, for whom. Otherwise, again, I can't pursue whatever avenue.


I've looked over MS Forms, CustomerVoice, Outlook Forms (the built in stuff), Survey Monkey, ClickSend... on and on... Any advice? Is this do-able with Portal/PowerApps?


Example of the form I've prefabbed:
(Customer Name) - (Customer's Project), (Reminder number (1-4))

(Employee name), have you completed this project?

"Yes" / "No" (preferably as radio buttons)



Thank you.


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