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Integrate eWAY Payment Gateway



I am trying to integrate eWAY payment gateway with Power Apps Portal and my scenario is like below:


1. User click on the "Pay Now" button

2. eWAY pay form appears - seeking all the details

3. Finish the payment

3.1. On success

3.1.1. Create the record in the "Payment" entity in dataverse entity with all the transaction details (e.g. transaction ID/reference, last 4 digits of card, amount etc...)

3.2. On failure

3.2.2. Create the "Payment" record with failure details


What I have implemented so far is Payment is getting successful using this.


Issues I am facing right now are:

1. Unable to retrieve the executed transaction details/error details and display it on the form

2. How can I create a "Payment" record after eWAY transaction execution?


Thanks in advance,



@Pratik you can integrate eWay with Power Pages as you would any static HTML web site and follow the examples on the eWay site , but I should caution you that creating records from the client side into your dataverse will require you to set permissions to allow creating new records, which means that anyone with a browser could observe and directly create with a simple Ajax call -- unless you create a private/public key that allows you to verify the integrity of the record as you try to create it to prevent folks from "manually" creating records.


You could try using a custom api, but make sure you're not passing any PCI DSS information to make sure you're compliant.


You could also use the transparent redirect  approach and call something like an Azure function to create the record in dataverse, but you'll still need to validate every request made for fraud verification.


I hope this will get you started in the right direction?


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