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Multi Language - Lookup Values



We have a site with 2 languages (English & Russian). We have a long form that we're using on both versions of the site.

I have uploaded translations for Russian labels and it is all working correctly. We have a page with a form and upon lang switching, the same form appears but with translated values which is perfect.


The challenge comes in drop-downs. We have a few drop-downs that are lookups to another table (list of countries for example). In this table we have a column for English values and a column for Russian values. I can't think of a way of dynamically showing the correct column on each page other creating a different form.


The only thing I can think of is to use 2 different fields ("Country EN" and "Country RU"), add them both to the form and then show/hide each via JS as needed.


Any better ideas out there? @OliverRodrigues maybe you can think of something?



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Super User

Hi @SamPo 

Thanks for asking lots of questions around multi-lingual Portals, this will encourage myself to finish by XrmToolbox plugin as well as blog posts that I've been planning for probably a year now.


Now back to your question, yes, the solution will be adding two fields and changing the value via JS, you can manipulate data from a lookup view by following this article:


or if you render as dropdown, this article:


finally, I have done a session a while ago on multi-lingual Portals, if you missed you can see the recording here:


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Oliver Rodrigues


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