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Page not in the list of pages to edit in the portal editor

I have a site that has some pages that are not available in the portal editor.  I know that I can get to it from the portal management web page editor, but would like to be able to edit it here in the portal editor if possible.  Is there a setting I can change to get it to show back up again?






Super User
Super User

Hi @erincannon1 


Could you please confirm the parent page property of the "Review page". The example below for your reference. 





You should set the Parent page to see the newly created page in Portal Studio. 


if the issue persists then try the following 


In portal management

1.  Under content > Web link sets > Select "Default" and delete it 


Now in Portal studio 


1. Press Ctrl + f5 together for a hard refresh. If your parent page is set properly this action will bring your page into the portal studio. 


Hope it helps.



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Thank you for this suggestion.  The parent page was set correctly, so I tried deleting the web link set and refreshing the site.  The menu did reset as all of the pages I had hidden became unhidden, but the Review page is still not there.  

Hi @erincannon1 


 When you delete weblink sets then it resets the hidden page that is the expected behaviour.  I am wondering your review page name is different from than internal name (Localized Content). 




Could you post your screenshot of the review page like above. 


Try the below steps: 


1. In Portal management > Under content > Web Pages 

2. Select your review page > Scroll down until you see "Localized Content" 

3. Select the Review page > Click Edit> Change the name to something else (Ex: another page)  

4. Click Save and close and then save and close  


In Portal Studio > Press "Sync configuration" 


One final thing> Clear your cache by going to the following URL. 


Going to your portal service page: https://<your_portal> 


Press the " Clear Cache" button and then in your portal studio do the "Sync configuration" again. 


Hope it helps. 

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