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Patch - Patching the current date to a Sharepoint List on Submit



I have two lists, a "Notes" list and a "Customer" list. I am trying to update a field in the Customer list (called "Date Last Contacted") based on the date a new note is added in the "Notes" list. Both lists have a customer identifier (Account Ref).


I am fairly new to PowerApps and so am assuming that Patch is the correct method for doing this?


If so, the patch statement I have so far is as follows:


Patch(Customer, LookUp(Customer, Gallery6.Selected.'Account Reference' in Customer.'Account Reference'), {Date_x0020_last_x0020_contacted: Today())}


This doesnt seem to show any errors but neither does it put today's date in the relevant Customer record.


Any help would be greately apprecaited.




Accepted Solutions

Then try this:

Patch('Customer Record', Lookup('Customer Record',Title = 'Form-Notes'.LastSubmit.'Sage Reference'), {Date_x0020_of_x0020_Last_x0020_C: Today()})

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--Edited ----

Forms in Canvas Apps have a property called LastSubmit. On your Notes form, and on its OnSuccess Property, use your Patch:

OnSuccess: Patch(Customer, Lookup('Customer', 'Account Reference' = NotesForm.LastSubmit.'Account Reference'), {Date_x0020_last_x0020_contacted: Today()}

**Replace NotesForm with your form name.


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Thanks for your reply Edwin but I am still missing something. It's almost certainly me just not quite grasping Patch properly.


I've got the following code now in the OnSuccess property of the form (called 'Form-Notes'):


Patch('Customer Record', Title = 'Form-Notes'.LastSubmit.'Sage Reference', {Date_x0020_of_x0020_Last_x0020_C: Today()})


So "Customer Record" is my sharepoint list. "Title" is the original field name but was renamed to "Sage Ref" (i've tried both but without success :-S). 'Form-Notes' is the form I am adding this patch statement to and "Sage Reference" is what the auto complete suggested I use however, the account reference is in DataCardValue92(Text Input) of Sage Reference_DataCard5(DataCard).  Date_x0020_of_x0020_Last_x0020_C is the field name in the Customer Record sharepoint list although it shows a more friendly name of "Date of Last Call".


When I hover my mouse over the code is just says "The function Patch has some invalid arguments" or "Name isnt valid. The identifier isnt recognised" (This last error only shows when I hover over the word"Title" but doesnt alter if change "Title" to the current field name of "Sage Ref")


Can you see where I am going wrong?

do you use SubmitForm(Form-Notes) to insert/edit records to your Notes List? did you check that your Note list gets populated with the correct data?

Yeah, i'm using SubmitForm(Form-Notes) and the Form-notes list is getting updated. Only it that isnt working is the Patch of the current date into the 'Customer Record' sharepoint list.

Then try this:

Patch('Customer Record', Lookup('Customer Record',Title = 'Form-Notes'.LastSubmit.'Sage Reference'), {Date_x0020_of_x0020_Last_x0020_C: Today()})

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Edwin, you are an absolute superstar! That's nailed it, thank  you so much for your help and your super quick replies.

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