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Permission Issue to create a comment by specific Web Roles

Hi all,


I have created a power portal in which I need a conversation entity that stores all the comments entered by ticket owner, admin and team member.


For achieving the same , I tried to use Portal comments but I received the below error for a particular role called team member web role who upon assigned a ticket would have to create a comment.


Then I removed Portal comments and created a custom table called Conversations to circumvent this, however receiving the same error when the web role team member tries to create a record.




The conversations view will be visible in a subgrid in a tab under the main form with the Mode Type : Edit



Have managed the Add button in the list from which this form will be invoked. On top of everything , the ticket owner access which is basic , is not even able to see the conversation option at all.


I have given Global table permissions for Conversation form.





Please help in decoding this error. 


It is critical.


Thanks , Vivek.



Accepted Solutions
New Member

The issue got resolved when I disabled the table permissions to the custom entity and the custom form . Guess it is the only solution available to resolve the issue.

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Super User
Super User

Hi @vivek_murali ,

may be you already checked, but usally this message is right 🙂

I go to the entitytableprmissions and set up a permission for the table. If it is a custom one with text in a multilinbe field, create and edit and read should be sufficient. As this entity will be linked to something, you also have to give append and appendto rights (i will never get which is what direction) on that entity and may be on the entity to which you are linking to.


So, if you have that tablepermission(s) and that permission(s) is(are) assigned to a webrole the user is assigned to or to the anonymous role, if no user is logged in for that, it should work.


This i would check.


Additionally, when you create notes/attachments you also have to give rights to that tables, too.


Does this help or did you already ensure all of it?

Have fun,


Super User
Super User

Hi @vivek_murali 

Try the following steps 

In portal management: 


If you plan to use portal comments 

1. Add the "annotation" table in table permission and give appropriate permissions. Make sure the scope is global 



2. Important step: Once you created the table permission> hit save> then scroll down until you see web roles. Click add existing web role 




3. Hit save and close 


Note: The same approach is also applicable to your custom table. 


In Portal studio: 

1. Syn config > Browse the website and hit ctrl + F5 


Hope it helps. 

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Hi Christian,


Yes I did everything that you have mentioned. In fact , I have given Global permissions for the custom table that I have built.



And I have given all the web roles that I use in the portal to access this table. 


Still no luck. 


Thanks .

Hi Ragavan,


Yes I have done everything that you have mentioned. I have given Global access to Annotation table and also the Custom table that I have built.




The addition of comments works with only the IT Administrator that I have given because it has Global access to the main table that I use for the project where as for other roles Global access to main table is not given. If I give access , then everyone will be able to see everything in the table.


Thanks, Vivek.

Super User
Super User

Hi @vivek_murali ,

well, global access should only be given in certain situations. But the users who should access the data have to have some rights to do so. As the contact must not be directly associated with an entry in your table, may be the account of the contact is a suitable way to give permissions (so, accountscope would be an idea), And evertytime an entry is created in that table an attribute is to be filled with the account of the contact. From portalside its a simple metadata entry, from dynamics side you would have to apply some code (flow or plugin, whatever you prefer)


If all else fails you could create a linking relation or even entity between contact and the to be permissioned entity and use that as a contact relation (or a parent-child rule in case of entity). I do this in situations where its not clear, who should see what. Then i write some code (i prefer plugins 🙂 ) to maintain the linking entity and that code carries the "visibility" logic .


So, may be it helps lighting up the area and solving the issue,


New Member

The issue got resolved when I disabled the table permissions to the custom entity and the custom form . Guess it is the only solution available to resolve the issue.

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