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Helper V
Helper V

Portal Password Strength Checker


I need assistance with the implementation of this Password Strenght Checker (jQuery Plugin For Password Strength Checker and Indicator - Password-Strength | Free jQuery Plugins ... ).


We created 2 Webfiles named password_strength_lightweight.jspassword_strength.css within the specific Notes we attached the js. and css. file




Now the issue begins:

As stated in the guide I should include following on the webpage:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="password_strength_lightweight.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="password_strength.css">



with the correct ID of the new password input field (#NewPassword)



Now we dont know what we are doing wrong, since it wont work. We are not sure where we should paste the code (which Content Snippet) we tried every possible. Plus we tried to but {raw} {endraw} around the code, still no success.


If anyone of you could try to implement this password checker and provide a step-by-step guide  or give suggestions to try to solve this issue, is much appreciated!!



Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi newmay,


I'm assuming you are wanting this to be implemented when a user is registering for an account. If this is the case, there is the ability to implement something like this, however, it would have to be custom.

Since the registration page(s) are all contained within the portal solution itself and not really editable pages from the CRM-side, you are limited to only being able to run client-side code (Javascript) on these pages. In order to do so, you would have to create a content snippet for that page with the proper copy URL, and then you can add some scripting to that snippet to validate the password.

Using one of the libraries/approaches on this site that fits your requirements should be self-explanatory, but as I said before, it would all have to be custom: 


If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to ask!



Matt Bayes

Helper I
Helper I

Yes you can!!

Set(e,"");If(Len(pass1.Text)>4,0,Set(e,"Error in length"));If(IsMatch(pass1.Text,"[0-9]" ,Contains),0,Set(e,"must contain a numeric digit"));If(IsMatch(pass1.Text, "[a-z]" ,Contains),0,Set(e,"Must contain small case letter"));If(IsMatch(pass1.Text,"[A-Z]" ,Contains),0,Set(e,"Must contain one uper case letter"));If(IsMatch(pass1.Text,"[$&+?@#^*()%!]" ,Contains),0,Set(e,"no special character"))   Paste this formula on your formula bar of password its total validation to your password field i hope you got your answer in it!!

@KajalGupta15Hey thanks. I am not quit sure where to paste it?



Hi @mbayes! That sounds great! Since I have not much experience with coding and stuff. Could you show me a step by step approach to implement it? I get the part with javascript and html etc, yet I am not sure how to handle the part with the downloaded file. Do I need to store it somewhere in the system to reference it? E.g. this Validate If A Password Meets Certain Requirements - PassRequirements | Free jQuery Plugins (jquerysc...



@mbayes we create a webfile and attached the js. note to it. Yet we are not sure where we need to add the code if I want it to be displayed at the Password change page. If we paste it in Account/ChangePassword/PageCopy nothing happens

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