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Portal caching issue

I have a problem on one of my portals.

problem: there is a lag between crm and portal, the crm data is only reflecting on the portal if I clear the cache via urlportal/_services/about --> clear cache.

The change tracking is enabled on the entities that are used in the portal and we have another portal that is POC (proof of concept portal) and we don't have that issue there.

the QA portal is a copy of the POC portal and we are suffering from this caching issue only on the AQ portal.

Power Apps
Power Apps

@selo0910 - Is this happening only for configuration data like web page, content snippets etc. or is it also happening for non-configuration entity data?


Also is there a difference in how these Portals were created? e.g. was your POC created as a trial from and your QA Portal was created from a portal add-on created via Dynamics 365 Administration Center?

It is only happening for  non-config data e.g. when I give an user a new webrole or assign a new case.. this is not reflecting for the user unless I clear the cache. after that I can see the new webroles and cases assigned to the user.


I only know that the QA portal is made as a copy of the POC with help of XRMTOOLBOX - portal records mover and portal code editor.



It looks like you have created your QA portal from, and as Sandeep mentioned these portals has slightly different behavior.

Webroles entity is a configuration entity, and you have to manually clear the configuration cache from <url>/_services/about page using “clear config” option. You can read more detail about this functionality on “”. Let me know if you don’t find "clear config" button, then it might be some other issue.

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Hi thanks for the reply, 


The issue is not solved by manually clearing the config and clearing the cache via the portalurl/_services_about.

But you  mentioned a different behaviour with portals made with different approach.

does this mean that I have to config the portal on a different way to clear the cache automatically?

extra info on the portals:

POC portal --> the url:

QA Portal --> the url:


the scenario is like this: user makes a new account via the portal, gets an webrole assigned and a case assigned.
from this point he should be able to see his case. On POC this is fine but on QA he only sees it when I clear the cache manually with an admin portal webrole via the


from the point of the business, it's not possible to clear the cache after every change made in crm...

I'll take a look into the ways that the portals are made.





All Portals has cache refresh SLA of 15 min and the changes should reflect within this SLA. So, all the data related to non-configuration entity should reflect automatically within 15 min SLA. 

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That is the way it should be.

but the non-config data is not being reflected untill I clear the cache manually.

I even waited 2 days to make sure it's because of a lag but no. Nothing reflecting on the portal until manually clearing the cache.


I think it is a bug and on the community.dynamics, there are many users experiencing the same. I thought maybe on the powerapps community I can find the answer I need.

@selo0910 thanks for the detail. Let me follow up on this issue, i will reach out to you if more information needed.  

Try turn off portal state, wait 5 minutes and turn on again (this isn't the reset/restart process). (last button)

That is a good suggestion and I already tried this solution without success.

I'm currently in communication with MS Support.
I'll update this thread once I have answers...

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