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Portal contact dates captured without consistent format applied

Dates are getting written to CDS differently but they are entered on the same Contact form with the same format applied. 

The bad dates get rejected on import. The attached shows an example in entry sequence, as show in Excel date formatted column.

10/25/2020 12:00:00 AM           - Rejected

               05/08/1985 00:00        -  Accepted

8/27/1979 12:00:00AM              - Rejected

I have another issue with UK dd/mm/yyyy versus US mm/dd/yyyy formatting as the Environment is configured UK but I can look into that next!.

Also. If a date is keyed in without using the dropdown then everything resolves to 12/31/2019 e.g 2/3/2020, 15/12/2020.

Any hints on where to start to look please? Cheers Richard







Hi Kris, 


Many thanks for your help but I can't get it to work.

I have now built a new Portal, set it to UK dd/mm/YYYY, created an entity with 3 date only fields of the 3 types.

Choosing 1.December.2019 from the drop down translates to 1/29/2019 and stores as 12/1/2019 and NOT 1/12/2019 which I want.

Screen shots of data and settings on this post and the following.

Do you know what I'm missing please?


Cheers, Richard  

More screen shots

Last screen shot from desperately seeking help!


Cheers, richard

Hi Kris,

I experimented with site settings and now have it working but all very odd. Example 1.Dec.2019 choice from drop down and how stored.

d/m/yyyy  1/12/2019 =  1/29/2019

dd/mm/yyyy 1/12/2019 = 1/04/2019

dd/m/yyyy 1/12/2019 = 01/10/2019

dd/M/yyyy 1/12/2019 = 1/12/2019 = Great

But whilst the DATEONLY and USERLOCAL are stored as date format the TZI is stored as Text .

I got there in the end with your help cheers, R 

Hi Kris,


NO I got it wrong. The dates now show properly on the input drop downs but still store wrongly.

When 1. December.2019 is chosen from a drop down it displays as 1/12/2019 BUT stores as 12/1/2019

Life should not be this difficult on Portals!

System activity dates, last modified also show as mm/DD/yyyy not English. dd/mm/yyyy

I shouldn't have to be reading .NET documentation. i really don't know what to do.



Hi Kris,


I now see that all dates are stored as UTC but cannot figure out how my dates input via portal differ. 

Portals drop down chosen 1.Dec.2019 reveals as 1/12/2019 before save, great.

When save the UTC value is 43477 = 12/1/2019

it should be 43800 = 1/12/2019.

If I edit the file via a model driven app the dropdown acts as M/D/Y so choosing 1.Dec.2019 reveals as 12/1/2019 

There are three issues here.

Issues 1 & 2 relate to the overall environment setting and the user personalization setting which can override.


The 3rd issue is how the problem initially revealed itself. Dataflows from one environment to another failed on valid dd/mm/yyyy formatted dates.

The reason is that DataFlows will only recognise US mm/dd/yyyy formatted dates by design.


Microsoft have put it on their road map to fix but no ETA yet!

Cheers, Richard


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