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Portal navigation difficulties


I need some changes in portal navigation and I cannot find the solution.

1. Is it possible to change the default text of "Profile" item in the pull down menu? I have found a snippet name for "Logout" item (which is "links/logout") but I cannot find a way how to change the "Profile" item name.



2019-11-08 12_39_43-Window.png

2. I have 3 web user roles with corresponding different web page permissions. I have expected that a menu will change accordingly to a specific logged in user. Their sets of web pages are different. I don't understand why it is not working this way. Do you have any experience with that? What should I check?

A. User 1 - web role "Puvodce" with 4 associated web pages:

2019-11-08 12_51_17-Window.png 

A menu contains these 4 pages:

2019-11-08 12_53_14-Window.png

B. User 2 with a different web role "Skaut" with only 1 associated web page:

2019-11-08 13_02_58-Window.png

A menu contains stilll all 4 pages:

2019-11-08 13_04_21-Window.png


Aby idea?

Thank you

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Portal navigation difficulties

Hi @JanVanek ,


1. I think this cannot be achieved currently. Try to add an idea in below forum if you need this:

2. I have found a blog talking about this, please see if this helps:




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Re: Portal navigation difficulties

Hi @v-monli-msft,

@1. Thank you for your suggestion.

@2. I know that post, a very good source of initial information.  Unfortunately, the reality seems more complicated and I cannot achieve a good result using the same method. My changes of Web page permissions, my changes of weblink sets etc. do not populate to the portal and I can still see the old navigation in the portal header and I don't know why. Is there a more detailed source of information about a process of publishing changes? Why do I have 7 items in the navigation bar:

2019-11-12 12_51_37-Window.png

while I have only 4 weblinks in the current Default weblink set?

2019-11-12 12_51_02-Window.png

I need help with this.

Alternatively, I have tried to use more Weblink sets and to dynamically choose an appopriate weblink set according to a user's role. I have used this Liquid code (a "new_rolenaportalu" is a custom field in the Contact entity, a picklist with my 3 available web roles) in the header html code:

{{ user.new_rolenaportalu.value }}

{% if user.new_rolenaportalu.value == 100000000 %}

{% assign primary_nav = weblinks["Default"] %}

{% endif %}

{% if user.new_rolenaportalu.value == 100000001 %}

{% assign primary_nav = weblinks["Primary Navigation"] %}

{% endif %}

{% if user.new_rolenaportalu.value == 100000002 %}

{% assign primary_nav = weblinks["Custom Navigation"] %}

{% endif %}

It works, I can switch the weblink sets for various types of users, but again, not everything works fine. When a custom weblink set is chosen (a "Custom Navigation" set), nothing is rendered, only a black background will stay there:

2019-11-12 13_13_37-Window.png

Any idea, what is going on? Maybe @nickdoelman or @dileeps could help?


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Re: Portal navigation difficulties

Not sure if this helps, but I wrote a blog on multi-brand portals (where we would change the navigation based on user/page) here:


One thing I had to do for it to render properly is change the Header/OutputCache/Enabled Site Setting set to FALSE


I was told that I should have to do that and that there was a way around that, but I don't have that detail in front of me right now.


I didn't have time to dive deep into your issue today, but maybe the info provided might help.


In terms of the "Profile" item, you might want to download the portal source code and dig through the code to see if there is a corresponding snippet for it.  I currently don't have it downloaded (Sorry, I know I am not really helping today) but you can find it here:




PowerApps Staff dileeps
PowerApps Staff

Re: Portal navigation difficulties

When you are making changes to your portal configuration through portal management app, one of the most important thing is to ensure that those changes are published to portal. That doesn't happen automatically. To do that, there are two options: -

a) You can go to Portal design studio (new ui designer) and do browse action.

b) You can log in to portal with a user who has all website access permission. Navigate to /_services/about page and it will show option to clear cache and clear configuration. Choose either one. (


Now for weblinks, if you just want weblinks to be dynamic, then you will need to do following: -

a) For the webpages, enable webpage access control rule and show/hide webpages for specific roles (

b) In your weblink record, make sure "Disable Page Validation" is not enabled .


If you want to use different weblinks altogether, then use the example Nick provided below. However, don't turn off header output cache, use substitution liquid tags for your dynamic elements. It is described here

b) In your weblink, 

PowerApps Staff dileeps
PowerApps Staff

Re: Portal navigation difficulties

Sry totally forgot abt profile part, it's a content snippet. Pretty much most of portal text would be either in content snippet or pages since they are enabled for localization.
I don't remember the name, but u can find content snippet with value as profile


You can go to header web template, and search for profile in it, it will be referencing actual name of snippet

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