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Helper IV
Helper IV

Portal settings can’t be updated currently. Please retry after some time

I desperately need to set up SharePoint configuration and convert my portal to live but it has had this message for an entire day and I don't know why. Can anyone help. The message appears when I attempt to go to portal settings and I can do nothing as I have to wait 'some time'


Please help,




Hi @matthu ,

This message might occur when Portal is being updated. Did you receive any updates for the portal? You can check in solution history if any solutions were installed or updated. If nothing is being updated I would advise you to raise a ticket with MS support.

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Thankyou @OOlashyn for taking the time to reply. I followed what you said and it appears that the portal is "provisioning" but it has been doing that for >30 hours and it seems to be working ok on the front end accept I cannot access the settings to configure its connection with SharePoint which is really important.


I have raised a ticket with MS and I will report back when I know the fix or the reason for this in more detail.



Hey @matthu 


Probably try the following. 


Pre: Close all tabs and start fresh 


Step 1: Open the Portal app in Portal studio 

Step 2: Try Sync config and browse the website > Ctrl + F5 

Step 3: Once it is loaded then append the following URL string and hit enter

 4. Once it is refreshed. Then go back to then load the Portal management app. 


Hope it helps. 

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Helper IV
Helper IV

Thankyou @ragavanrajan and @OOlashyn @for your responses. 

@ragavanrajan I couldn’t try your suggestion as early this morning the MS support team solved the issue. 


The portal was stuck in an upgrading state, my options were limited and the initial support engineer couldn’t budge it so MS elevated the issue and used the back end to remove it from the stuck state. I have to say their service was excellent. 

My advise to anyone else with this issue would be to firstly wait 24 to ensure it is definitely in a stuck state (the front end portal was still working in my case, I just couldn’t configure new things on it) , then try Rags suggestion above, if no luck then raise a support ticket. 

Thanks everyone 🙂 

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