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Portals Child table relationships

Hi community,


I currently face following problem. We have this situation where a contact record can belong to one or more 'Groups'. This groups is a custom entity in CDS or Dataverse. At this point no problems as we use the table permissions and the contact relationship to show only those groups for the contact.

Next is that under this group we have some 5 child tables. For each of the child tables we provide seperate Web Pages. Issue now is that these webpages have lists that are filtered on a static way, i.e. we've created seperate views in CDS filtered on a specific group. Problem now is that they have > 700 groups so this would mean 700 views to be created, 700 Web Pages,...
Is there a way via standard Portals functionality to have the 5 child tables automatically filtered on the group? See also image in attachment.


Thanks for your help!


Kind regards,

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @FrankVanhamel 


Yes, you have to create Child Table Permission under your Group Table Permission. While creating Child Table Permission, you have to select as Access Type "Parent" and also select relationship between "Group" and your child Table.


Table Permission

  • Group:
    - Access Type = Contact
  • From this Group Table Permission, you have to create 5 Child Table Permission
  1. Group Function
    - Access Type = Parent
    - Select Relationship for Group & Group Functions
  2. Group Volunteer
    - Access Type = Parent
    - Select Relationship for Group & Group Volunteer
  3. Site Group Responsible
    - Access Type = Parent
    - Select Relationship for Group & Site Group Responsible
  4. Group Member
    - Access Type = Parent
    - Select Relationship for Group & Group Member
  5. Group Activities
    - Access Type = Parent
    - Select Relationship for Group & Group Activities


Please refer this blog:

In above bl0g, you need to refer "Table permission with Parent scope" section.


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