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Portals and NextJs

Hi All,


I am in the process of building a web platform for a client of mine, they will be using a nextjs react framework, and I was wondering, how I deploy a portal alongside this, so that User Data stays within the Dataverse environment, and I don't need to move data between the frontend web platform and the dataverse environment. The question I wanted to ask is - has anyone built a portal with nextjs/react components in them? and how would the architecture look to render some heavy javascript based items on client side and leverage the nextjs rendering options?


Thank you

Super User
Super User

Hi @SA-SantiPraxis 


 I have experience in building Angular and a few of our community champions have built through react framework.  You can use any framework you like next/knockout. But the key here is you need to utilise the PCF component properly. 

Adding official reference for you to start. 


Note: Keep in mind that not all fields are supported 



Hope it helps. 

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Resolver III
Resolver III


You can build your react apps and host them inside the portal pages. your compiled JS will be attached as a webfile and injected in where you need them on the portal. You can also wire up your apps to use the Portal CRUD API.

I am personally not a big fan of PCF controls in Portal - as you can do this with JS and CSS and host it in the Portal directly.

For example, this below is a custom VueJs APP - that is injected inside an Entity Form. The upload is done via a custom API.


You can implement the OAUTH implicit grant flow for the portal and authenticate with this custom API, as an example.


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