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Power Apps Portal Contact Form Account Lookup only shows Contact records



In one of my environments there has been a recent change so that when trying to assign an account to a contact, only the Contact records are shown.  There has been no customization to this form, and if I preview it in classic mode, it searches both Contacts and Accounts properly.  But in the Model Driven Portal Management app or when viewed from Dataverse, the lookup field is only showing Contacts as an associated record type.  Any ideas what could cause this?


Here it is only showing contact records in the recent view:




I click "All" and it only shows results from 1 type of record:



I click "1 type of record" and it just shows Contacts:



Where has Accounts gone to?


I can still associate contacts from the Account record, but not from Contacts.  The relationship is still defined correctly to Company Name.  And if I come back to the contact record, the account is shown in this field, but I can't click it to view the account.  It is very strange.




Super User
Super User

Hi @maryha 


I would check two things 

1. Make sure you have assigned proper table permissions for Accounts and Contacts and assign appropriate web roles

2.  Check if you have any metadata filter applied. For ex: If it is a basic form check if you have enabled "Associate current portal user" filter 

Hope it helps. 

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Hi @ragavanrajan ,


I thought table permissions and web roles would only apply to users logged into the portal.  This problem is occurring in the out of the box Dataverse Form for a Contact.  Meaning that if I go my environment, go to Data/Dataverse, go to the Contact table in Dataverse, view data, select a Contact record, and click Edit record, I can't select an Account for that contact.   And I am an environment system administrator and owner of the record.


Is there another place to define table permissions and web roles for users that are accessing Dataverse directly?




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