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Power Apps Portal: Entity List Search Box Not Showing Up

Hello Community,


I know we can enabled "Search" on Entity List to allow portal users to search for records under the Entity List view on the portal web page. This is a simple checkbox that we can enable via the portal designer studio, or on the entity list record under portal management in Dynamics. And this used to work for me...until today I notice the Search box is no longer showing up above the Entity List view on the portal page.


Has anyone noticed this as well? Is this a bug, or am I missing any setting? I don't think I have missed any steps, because it's just one checkbox that I enabled and I have done this previously and it was working.


Any pointers would be appreciated.





Thank you!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

It works for me - just ticked it now, it works (if you've just done it did you clear the portal cache)

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Hi @Fubar ,


Yes, I did clear the portal cache. This is still not working for me. This is very odd as it used to work. It's just a simple checkbox to enable...I am really puzzled why it's stopped working all of a sudden... 

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