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Power Apps Portal SAML SP Metadata information

Hi all.


I think I have exhausted google on this one (hopefully is not that obvious).

I am trying to integrate a portal instance with a identity provider using SAML, one requirement to start the integration process with this specific provider is to provide them the SP Metadata XML.

I am looking for a way to find out the information required to assemble the SAML metadata XML, I know there are tools like in the link below that assist you in the process, but I can't find out where I can find the information to fill this form.


SAML Service Provider (SP) Metadata XML Builder | 


Is there a place where I can find the values for my portal instance for things like EntityId, NameIDFormat and all the others?

Is there a SAML Metadata URL for PowerApp Portals?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Hi @fmikowski ,

Please follow official docs on how to use SAML2 with Portals ( On the portal, you need to provide a metadata file of your SAML provider. Portal doesn't have any SAML metadata endpoint as this is an identity provider configuration.

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New Member

Hi @OOlashyn , thank you for your response.


As far as I know there is SP (service provider, I.E. the portal) metadata as well, and that is used with SAML, you can see in the link I posted that this builder is specific for service providers.


I know the configuration is straight-forward (I checked all the official docs before posting here) but the identity provider I am using list as a pre-requisite having the SP metadata to start the integration process. 😞


If there is no way to get that information from the portal I might talk with the identity provider directly and/or open a ticket with MS, just want to be sure that I am not missing something obvious before doing that.



As far as I know, there is no metadata for SAML on the portal, however, there is a lot of hidden and little known things, so go ahead and reach MS - it might be that metadata exists and we just don't know about it. If it indeed exists please get back to us and share it with the community. If it doesn't exist I would advise you to use Azure AD B2C as a middle man between the portal and your SAML provider.

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Hey, I am looking at this too, did you figure out the sp Metadata info for powerapps.

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