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Power Apps Portals license for external users - Canvas apps embedded in Portals


I have a 2 Canvas apps one with Dataverse as Datasource and another with Azure SQL as Datasource. We want to embed these two Canvas apps in Power Apps Portal. These Canvas app should be accessible for external users who get registered from Power Apps Portals. What kind of license does external users require? Will it be sufficient for external users with the "Portals - external users license"?

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Hi @applekajui6 ,

There is a prerequisite  for that approach which relay on your customer (not you) , the customers expected to have Azure AD account in order to use canvas app regardless if its embedded within portal or not 


so if your use case is to allow all customers (with or without AD) then using canvas app in portal wont be a useful solution as if they dont have AD , they wont be able to use it.


other than that, i dont believe you need a specific license beside what you need to create/manage portal and what you need to create / manage canvas app.


I hope this help   

For external user to access that Canvas app with Premiums Connector SQL as data source, we need to add them as AD user and provide access. What about licensing? Do we need to provide Power Apps per user or per app plan to that external user? or external authenticated users Portal plan will do the needful

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Hi @applekajui6 , If your external user already have PowerApps license, then they should be all set (just make sure to give them permission to whatever tables they are using) 

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