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Helper V
Helper V

Power app portals basic queries

Hi all,

I have few basic queries regarding powerapp portals : 

  1. Why it is restricted to only one portal per user per env ?
  2. Can i use sharepoint list as backend for any forms i use inside portals ?if yes please let me know how
  3. Can it be used as a replacement for powerapps canvas app ?
  4. How to automatically perform automatic sign in from users who are on AD like we do in powerapps?
Super User
Super User

Hi @vish_p , 


 Question 1 and 4  are answered here: 


Official URL for your reference: 


For Q2:  You can integrate SharePoint and build forms: More findings and steps here 


For Q3: The purpose of powerapps portal is to quickly build a web application with low code no code. Mainly targeting and allowing external customers to access the portal.  In many cases you can target internal users also. But keep in mind with the new licensing model.  


Hope it helps. 



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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

1. Because that's what Microsoft decided, note this is for the Power Apps per App licence, if you have a higher level licence this is not the case. (If you have a higher licence, you can have more than one Portal per instance, however they usually have to be of different types e.g. Custom + Customer Self-Service).

2.  There is integration with SharePoint but only in so far as pointing to a folder (document location), if you need more you would need to work out how to get the info you need into Dataverse/CDS.

3.  Maybe, depends on what capabilities you need,  It is not an app and as such needs a supported browser on the device it will be used from, it can be used for both internal (Azure AD) and external users.

4. Azure AD is setup by default, you have your internal users use the Azure AD button on the login page.  Note, there are various additional settings such as remember me, session timeouts etc that can also be set.

Just to clarify you cant use SharePoint List as a data source/storage for a web form in Power App Portals?

Not as a data source, unless you sync it to Dataverse/CDS in some way.  There may be other workarounds such as using the OAuth 2.0 implicit grant flow where basically you have the Portal interact with Azure and then Azure provide the data back to the Portal and you render it in JavaScript.

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