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PowerApp Portal Does not Display Main View



I am a Novice, learning to design a Powerapp portal. I have created a custom Table called Loan(s) with a view to capture some loan information. I have modified the main view titled "Information" to capture the required data after creating the appropriate table columns. The attached view "Loan" shows a sample of the layout in the "Information" view. 


When I add a page to the Portal, and Add a Form - I setup the Name, Table, and the view. However, what I see is not what I designed. It seems to be one of the defaults view, as result of either creating the table or the Portal app. 


After further investigation - it seems to be showing the "card" view for the "information" rather than the Main. 


I did something similar with the existing "Contacts" table having modified the Main "Information" view, and that works fine - albeit the fields within the view are not aligned. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

FYI: what you are calling a View is a Form (important as Views are something else).


Possibly a couple of things

  • Make sure that you have Published the DataVerse Form that you have created/updated
  • On your portal Basic Form definition make sure that the correct Form is selected
  • If the correct form is selected, Clear the Portal Cache, in the new interface there is a Synchronize button or from the Portal login as a user with the "Administrators" Web Role assigned and press the clear cache button from <your_portal_url>/_services/about page

I generally work in the Portal Management App, and for the basic form you need to check that the circled area is populated with the form you want to use




Thanks for replying Fubar. 

1. Done

2. Done via Synchronise button

3. Done - See attached


The problem still persists unfortunately




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Couple of other things to try

  • Try the _services/about to try to clear the cache
  • Double check the Web Page's "local content" record is pointing to the correct Basic Form (and that there is only 1 local content record, unless you have multi language implemented)
  • Do full clear of the browsers cache F12 and then right click the browser refresh icon (will give you a full clear cache option that is only available when the browsers debug/console is open)
  • Make an update on the Web Page (e.g. update the page content) and also do a Portal Cache refresh
  • Make an update on the DataVerse Form and also do Publish and a Portal Cache refresh


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