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PowerApps Portal - Digital Signature available?



I've been researching on adding a digital signature on the portal entity form. Can I please get any suggestions on what are the options available?


  1. I already checked - Capture signature in PowerApps Portal - Dancing with CRM
  2. I tried to add a pen control to the field and added that field on the entity form, but it doesn't look like it reflects on the portal webpage when I've added my entity form.
  3. Any possibility to use the powerapps connectors i.e. docusign, adobe, etc. to be integrated on the Portal form?


Thank you.

Super User
Super User

Hi @MittalPatel , 


 First of all, not sure what do you mean by it doesn't look like it reflects on the portal webpage? Are you getting any errors or is it blank?  Please share the screenshot 


Docusign possibility is available but no straightway to implement it.  


Hope it helps. 


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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Have you setup the required Metadata and entity permissions etc for PCF controls to work on the portal (they don't just work with out some additional setup).


You could do something where, they submit the form and then you send them a Document etc to sign - I think Docusign has an Solution file that allows you to workflow and merge fields etc into the Document that gets sent out for signatures (and also could probably do something with PowerAutomate Flow once the data is in DataVerse)


This is what exactly I'm trying to achieve. Add signature capturing text box on the Entity form. 





Here is the form where I added a field "Signature" with a code component in field properties.




And, below is on the portal, no signature field is displayed. It is blank.





@Fubar  - Thank you for your response.


Please see above reply for what I'm trying to achieve. There is no document we have to send, but just online form and signature to take consent. 


As you suggested, I was trying to add metadata. But I'm not sure which control type I should select so that the multiline textbox will be displayed with a pen control on the portal form to capture the signature.




As you appear to be missing the item in the metadata dropdown, you may have to update the Solution Files for your Portal (and also Possibly the Portal as well) see the prerequisites on the previous link (has the required versions etc).  Also note, this is still a preview feature so Microsoft does not recommend it for Production use at this stage.


Where customers have asked for signatures from the portal, we have usually been able to avoid an actual signature based on:

  • the user is logged in (authenticated), and
  • we have a tickbox saying "I agree",  and
  • behind the Entity Form etc we have metadata set to save the Portal user into a field on the record and also the date-time. (and can also add another one for Submitted from Portal)

So we have a record that is timestamped, and we capture the user/contact making the declaration, and this record is created by System (so not a normal user just creating the record).

Hi @MittalPatel,

I am the author of the article you are referencing (this one). Does your signature field is a multiline text field with a length of 15000 characters? Also, can you tell me where did you add a Signature Pad library that I was referring to: if you are using a prebuilt template you should add it to the Page Copy and if the custom just to the template itself? Also if you followed my article step by step do you have any errors in your console log?

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