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PowerApps Portal: error message when submitting a form on the portal page

Hello Community,


On my custom PowerApps portal, I have a web page with an entity form on it, where users can basically fill in data and submit the form. When the form is submitted, behind the scene it will create a Lead entity record in the Dynamics 365 instance that's connected to the portal.


I am experiencing a very odd error message on the submission page. When clicking on the Submit button to submit the entity form on the web page, the following error message pops up. This is very puzzling because I am only getting this error when login to the portal as certain users, but the same submission process works fine if I login to the portal as some other different users.


I already checked entity permissions and all that, and everything seems fine. I am really lost as to what might be causing this error message.


Does anyone have any clues? Thank you!




Hi @Anonymous ,


Do you need to show all available options or you can prefilter them? Usually, I create views that I use on a Portal only with prefiltered data. You can setup which view will be used to show the data on the lookup. Open your form, select lookup field and then change what view will be used by changing Default View. 

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Hi @OOlashyn ,


Thanks for your inputs. Yes, the view I am using in the lookup is already a filtered view, and we are expecting more than 5000 records in the filtered view.


I understand this is a limitation with the portal, which is unfortunate. Hopefully improvements will be made in future releases.


Thanks again!

Hi @Anonymous 

Were you able to solve this error? It happens that I have the same scenario.



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hi @MartinVargas please go to the verified answer as this is thread has a solution. If that still doesn't work for you, can you please create a new thread as this is an old one

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