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Problems to present the device readings from Field Services in portal


I already have field services and Power apps portal. All my iot device readings from time series insight works perfectly inside the field service platform, but when I try to see them in the portal, it does not work. Does the portal need some special library or component?

Super User II
Super User II

I am not very familiar with the Field Services Portal, can you share snapshots?

would you know the datatype/how your data is stored in your Dataverse? 

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Oliver Rodrigues


Capturesss.PNGHello Oliver

Thank you for your reply.

I have {% entityform name: 'myform' %} pointed to the form related to the device readings from my Dynamics 365 Field Service. Data from device readings comes from the time series insight. When I edit the form in the power editor app, I can see the libs from the field service and controlled events attached to the form. It works perfectly inside the Field Service environment. However, when I run the power apps portal, the device readings does not load any lib (I checked in the browser console). I just can see the name of the IoT device. Even if I include manually the libs in the power apps portal, it does not work. It seems the power apps portal is not fully integrated to field service.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Not everything that works in Model Driven Apps works on the Portal.


I haven't used Field Service in a while, but my guess would be that as per other Insights (and looking at a screenshot), what is displayed in the Model Driven App may be via a PCF Control - if this is the case then it will probably not render on the Portal as I don't think PCF Controls are supported yet (Wave 2 2020 suggested they should be in preview around now, but haven't seen anything concrete and not listed in the Wave 1 2021).


Hi @Fubar  Microsoft has announced today about the preview of using pcf in portal. Adding reference below.






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Solution Sage

@ragavanrajanthanks, wasn't there when I looked at that blog earlier in the day.  Still don't think that field service one will work.


@anaallianbased on the links at the bottom of the blog link from raga, the only thing I think you could try (but I don't think it will work for the component in question) is to add a entity permission to read Web Resources. (if the data in is in DataVerse then would probably also need entity permissions to it also - but not 100% sure where that data actually resides)

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Thank you, @Fubar 
I added the entity permission, but did not work.

Thank you @ragavanrajan , I am with the last version and last package, but the "add code component" is still not available in the control style. Maybe, I need to way some days.

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Solution Sage

It is showing in mine, try do a <ctrl><f5> to clear the browser cache (and also double check that you do not have Dataverse Solution updates available for the Portal).  Also confirm that you have the Metadata type set to Attribute.



@Fubar , I had already refreshed and restart the portal. The version of my portal is: 2020 release wave 2 enabled . Server version: 9.2.21032.00154. Anyway, does not appear this feature in the control style list box. I will check internally whether there is any problem with the portal version. Thank you, anyway.

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Solution Sage

It possibly is a Wave 1 2021 thing or the version of your Portal Solution files -  (this does not always match the Server) - my instance was already Wave 1 2021. 



  • User must have a valid Power Apps license. More information: Power Apps component framework licensing System Administrator privileges are required to enable the Power Apps component feature in the environment.
  • Your portal version must be 9.3.3.x or higher.
  • Your starter portal package must be 9.2.2103.x or higher.


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