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Problems with Sending email and push notification



I have an app that when the user clicks on a button a record is supposed to be saved in a data base, then an email and push notification are sent to the people specified in the record information... the main problem is that when you create for first time that record the Sending email and push notification functions do not work, but when you go the saved records in the app and then you click save changes, the Sending email and push notification functions work perfectly. In the other hand, those functions work perfectly in edit mode, but when in Live mode, they don't... please, users are complaining about this, need rapid help.



Super User
Super User

Hi @GreenRedBlue13 , If my understanding is correct, the reason why it is not sending email and push notification on first time is because the record was not saved but you are triggering flow without any data.  This is purely a workaround and the design change. You can check the below post how to capture success and failure until the record is saved. 


So basically once you set the successful and failure capture.  


Below are the steps 


1. Add a little image on top of the Send Email button 

2. Add a little spinner GIF on the image 

3. Based on the flow successful / failure flag hide/unhide your image. 


Until the record is saved your "Send email button will not be shown to the user" . 


Hope you got the idea. 


Hope it helps. 



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Hi @ragavanrajan ,


Good point, but what can you tell me about that in edit mode it works perfectly and in live mode doesn't. And i am not using any flow to perform any action in that app, just using Outlook and powerapps send push notification function.



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