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Publish websites in power portals(not starter portal)

Hi All,


I am trying to build individual website and not use starter portal, but for this i need to build the website from start, which i dont see any documentation, apart from individual components, is there a way to find a article to help me do this, other thing is how do i access the individual websites and browse them using URLs, i been trying to do that but couldn't find a way, let me know this to please,


Thanks in advance 






Hi @sarathsannadi,

You need to use templates for site creation. In the background system creates all necessary resources, which you cannot create and connect manually (like Azure App Registration etc.). If you have D365 environment you have different type of portals available to you (see here -, but you can have only one type of portal per environment - so you cannot have for example 2 starter portals on the same environment, but can have starter and partner portal. And there is no way around it as it is just how the system works.

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