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Re : Portal promotion between environments

Hello All,

How are you ? So, we are struggling with portal promotion between environments - we promote 1) Portal 2) Solution and think that should be it  - but the solutions are failing to get imported into the target environment. Oddly though, if we copy the environment - the solutions come over with no issue..... any thoughts here ? We do have Sharepoint integration enabled in the source environment if it matters any!


Many thanks,




Advocate III
Advocate III

Hi Sam,

may be a dumb question, i know: have you provisioned at least one portal in the target system? (preferrably the same type of portal as in the basesystem). This process creates all the needed tables. 

May be you are missing that entities tables and therefor the import fails.


What exactly is the importerror for the solutions?




Hello Christian,


Thank for the response. Yes, portal comes over just fine - its the solution import that gives error. To your point, source and target environment are both of the same type and both have a portal. I just wanted to confirm what is the process for promotion - A. Promote Portal B. Promote Solutions and that should do it right or we are missing something.


And as I said earlier, if we copy environments - all the solution from source come over just fine ....... it's when we only try to import solutions alone that gives us the error!




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

What solutions are you importing? usually when you import a solution file and tells you why it fails and there is an error log that you can download to see what the errors were (this is displayed slightly differently in the make.powerapps and the Classic interface - classic is more friendly). - tell us what the errors are.

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