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Resume Application for anonymous users


I am very new to PowerApps portals and want to implement the facility to resume an existing application for anonymous users. The anonymous user can begin an application, at which stage he / she is provided an application number. Since the application is long, the user can choose to exit at any time.

When the user wants to resume the application, I want the user to provide the application number + last name + DOB on a 'Resume Application' screen. On clicking 'Submit' button, the system should check if the application number + last name + DOB combination exists in CRM, and if it does, it should bring up the application for update. 


I have created the application using web forms, but I am not sure how to use the data provided in the 'Resume application' form to find the application in CRM, and pass it to the main application in order to bring up the incomplete application.


Any pointers ?

Community Support
Community Support

Re: Resume Application for anonymous users

Hi @manumanitrial :

Could you tell me :

  • What is the meaning of "Application"? 
  • Does "Resume Application" mean that when the user finds the specified record, continue to edit the record?
  • Do you want to create a search form with three fields to search for specific records?

Firstly,as far as I know, we can only use the portal’s default search bar to search.

I think this link will help you a lot: 

Second,I suggest that the user save the record before exiting, so that if the user needs to continue the process next time he just need to find the uncompleted record and edit it.

Best Regards,


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Re: Resume Application for anonymous users

Hi @v-bofeng-msft The application is a multi-step web form. Because the application can have up to 15 steps, the user may choose to abandon the form at any step, and then choose to come back later and complete the application.


"Resume Application" means the user provides the application number + a couple of other pieces of data to identify that he / she is the original applicant. This can be done in a search form (see attached example screenshot of the Resume application functionality). I do not need to use the portal's default search. I need to search for the record using specific parameters. I was wondering if I could create an entity based form with the 3 fields and on click of the button retrieve the application and start updating the record.






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Re: Resume Application for anonymous users

so I have made some progress on this. I have created a normal web template with the 3 fields, and a button that executes a fetchxml using the value provided in the 3 fields to get the GUID of the record. This part is working fine.


For the next part, I want to use the GUID returned and call the web form step in edit mode. How do I call the step from the .click function of the button (at line 34)? 



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