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Specific User Log in Content

Hi All,


I'm relatively new to Power Apps Portals so apologies if this is covered using different terms and so on.


I'm looking to design a central 'hub' where individuals log in to see content specific to them only. Kind of like a student portal for universities. Based on my research so far, it seems I can only hide content from the public and allow all authenticated users to see. I can't seem to create a web page for example and make it so that only one contact/authenticated user can see (besides myself).


Am I able to configure my portal permissions/rights to make this work? Below is a more specific example for better clarity of what I'm looking to create.



Contact A

Contact B

Contact C


Web pages:

Web page A

Web page B

Web page C



When Contact A logs in as an authenticated user - Contact A can only see Web page A and not the other web pages.

When Contact B logs in as an authenticated user - Contact B can only see Web page B and not the other web pages.

When Contact C logs in as an authenticated user - Contact C can only see Web page C and not the other web pages.

Thanks in advance!


Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: Specific User Log in Content

@RailMan - You can surely have specific pages visible to certain specific group of contacts using the concept of web page access control rules. However from your scenario it is the content on a page that you want to show per individual contact. For that you'd need to use the concept of entity permissions where you restrict the scope of the records to the contact. Then to show data use entity list on a page and enable entity permissions to enforce the permission created in earlier step 



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