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Store particular records from one entity to another

Hello Experts!

Is there a way to store some of the records from one entity in another? For example, I need to store some records from the Contacts entity that belongs to particular organization 'a' in a custom entity called "Organization a" and records that belongs to Organization 'b' in another custom entity called "organization b"? Is it possible to store these records in these custom entities when a record is created in the contact entity?

Could anyone please suggest me how to achieve this?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance..

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous , 


     Yes you can store any kind of data from one entity to another entity using Power Automate. Here are the steps for you and the screen shot. 


Pre- Steps: 


1. Create your Entities Organisation A and Organisation B with relevant fields and choose proper field type. 





1. Create an instant flow -give a name 

2. Choose "Common Data services -Current Environment

3. Choose the trigger "When a record is created or updated" or any thing which relates to what your are trying to do 

4. Choose Contact Entity and choose your scope (I have chosen organisation) 

5. Add a new step > again choose a "Common Data services -Current Environment

6. Choose your entity (In your case organisation A) . In my case "Portal Invitation" > Then you can map your field from "Contact Entity steps" 

6. Repeat steps 3 to 4 and filter your  query then add your customised action to create a record. 



Screenshot 2020-10-12 215755.png


Key: Here the beauty is on the first step I have circled the Filter Expression where you can write a simple ODATA query to filter your organisation and create a record to relevant entity. 



Hope this gives you some good idea on how you can utilize power Automate with CDS. 




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