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Trigger Flow following SharePoint file upload on Portal



I have successfully set up SharePoint integration with my Power Apps Portal (Contact Record), and have created an basic page (Entity Form) with the SharePoint sub grid.


On upload of a document I would like to create a Task in Dataverse for the uploaded document to be reviewed, however I am having a little trouble with this.


I tried to create a Flow that triggered on the creation of a file in the SharePoint list, however it is asking for a folder which obviously I cannot give as the folder will be different based on the logged in portal user (/contacts/paul Jones<guid>).


I thought about adding a submit button to the entity form with the SharePoint List and calling a workflow which created the task which would work, however it is not ideal as the user could upload the document and then close the page without clicking submit.


I could also create a separate table in Dataverse to store the document(s) and create a relationship between that table and the contact table.  On create of a new record then create the task.  I think this is the best option at the moment.


Does anyone have a better option, or a way I could easily do it using native SharePoint integration and a Flow with a SharePoint trigger.





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

In a standard Dynamics 365 - SharePoint implemention, the link (holding the Folder) between the DataVerse record and SharePoint is a Document Locations (sharepointdocumentlocation) record where the Regarding field is the Contact/Account/Case etc record (the path is usually relative and as such for a full path you need to obtain data from parent records also)


(note: you can have more than 1 document location defined for a record).

Thanks for your response Fubar


Yes I am aware of how the Document is linked.  The issue I have is that the SharePoint trigger requires a folder to be specified and I do not have this folder at the point of the trigger.


I must be missing something obvious here.




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

You may possibly be able to use one of the "(properties only)" ones - there used to be a When a file is created (properties only) and also a created/modified one - believe for these you can specify the Library and leave the Folder empty and it will trigger on items added to the library including its folders

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