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Web Form Steps: Step History didn't contain data with ID = a4d690dd-d8a4-ea11-a812-000d3ab8c2e6

I have created a Web Form with several steps. One of the Web Form Steps is a Condition. The condition is based on a drop down value from the first step. The condition works for 1 value from the drop down, but not the other. I get the following error


Step History didn't contain data with ID = a4d690dd-d8a4-ea11-a812-000d3ab8c2e6.


I've searched everywhere but cant find any kind of information on this kind of error. I would appreciate it if someone could help. (i have tried flipping the logic of the condition, but get the same error)


Note: on the Web Form i have Start New Session On Load : No


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Did you delete any web form step? 

it might be trying to go for a path that doesn't exist anymore


does it happen for new records going through the web form? or only for old records?



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Oliver Rodrigues


I recreated the Web for and all the steps. The error no longer appears. Thank you for your reply

To explain this a bit more, when you are modifying a webform which have active sessions associated with it (i.e users are actually using it). THen it is a good idea to cleanup all the active webform sessions as some of those will be invalid based on the changes which were made. 

When you recreated webform, it basically broke the connection with those inactive webform sessions and thats why it worked

thanks for the input. I'm sure i was clearing the sessions, but could be wrong

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This specific error message is thrown when the web form step checks the list of steps that have already been visited within the active web form session for a step referenced in the current web form step as either (or possibly both)

Entity Source Step

Previous Step

If it can't find the referenced web form step within that list this error will be thrown.


As @dileeps pointed out this means existing web form sessions can be the cause of the issue. But if this issue is happening with new web form sessions then the issue is almost certainly that the broken web form step is referencing in either of the entity references I listed a step which has since been removed entirely from the journey or become conditional which would mean a user would not always visit it.

TLDR: Check Entity Source Step and Previous Step are correct on the broken web form step. 

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