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Advocate V
Advocate V

Webapi retrieve portal

Hi - whenever I try to retrieve records below contact/client I just get a cds error. I feel like I've followed the documentation, but I'm not seeing much in the way of info to resolve this. Can anyone help me?


{"error":{"code":"9004010D","message":"Common Data Service error occurred.","cdscode":"9004010D","innererror":{"code":"9004010D","message":"Common Data Service error occurred.","type":"CDSError"}}}



Hi @skoofy5 ,

Make sure that you have proper table permissions and allowed to read fields that you are trying to obtain. If that's configured properly check if you have any plugins registered on retrieve operations - they might fail as well.

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Thanks, mate. I think I've set those up correctly - should I not get a different error otherwise? In any case I've simply followed the same pattern as with accounts and contacts which are both working fine. Does this not yet work for custom entities?


Advocate V
Advocate V

Hrm. As soon as I add a global permission to the table rather than the parental one it works, but that's not use to me at all. I'm guessing this is a bug with the current implementation.

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