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how to associate option sets using portal Web AP insert (post)I?

Dear experts?


I am adding new record using Power App portals Web API post option, does not seem to work and gives error:
Error: Resource not found for the segment br_prance.

I have a field called br_type which is an option set has value as below:
717750000 - Alpha

717750001 - Beta

I need to add a new record via portal web API -
Here is the complete json
"br_type": "717750001",
"br_name": "Prev 1",
"br_iscancelled": "TRUE",
"wr_MemberId@odata.bind": "/contacts(6f1a341c-8097-eb11-b1ac-000d3aafa583)",
"wr_CustomerId@odata.bind": "/contacts(6f1a341c-8097-eb11-b1ac-000d3aafa583)"


Please if someone can help, how you can assign option sets while adding a new record via portal, is this the wrong way?

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I managed to fix the first issue - It was something different
Now I am getting another error - Slowly after removing every field - I found the issue is on this one:
"wr_CustomerId@odata.bind": "/contacts(6f1a341c-8097-eb11-b1ac-000d3aafa583)"


This time the error is 
Error: Common Data Service error occurred.


Further digging reveals that this field is locked on CRM forum? Could this be an issue? Can we not add values to a read only field?

Please confirm, or else how do I add this?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

With some of the Web Api errors I have found more info by F12 the browser and look at the web traffic for the call that gives the error (i.e. the error response from the call sometimes has more info than what you originally see in the JS error or console).


Edit: and the "77..." in the JSON should probably be without quotes


If its a field/relationship issue you can try putting an asterisk * in the field list in your site settings instead of listing the fields (and if that works then you know its an incorrect field name reference).


From memory, if its a customer look up its something like the relationship name e.g. /myfield_contacts(…..)


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