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how to use advance form for edit a record in power portal?

Hi Everyone,
I am currently working on the power portal.
my requirement is, as soon as I edit a record from the list the advance form should open, and will be able to edit a record in multiple steps as the advance form works while adding a record.

Any advice or help would be great.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

You setup one where the first step is an Edit (i.e. depending on your situation you have 1 for create and another for edit) - the insert/edit/readonly is on the first steps Form Definition tab on that same tab you set Source to Query String and set the Name to id. 



You setup a Web page for the Web/Advanced Form.


On the Entity List you add an item into the Grid Configuration (think its currently called Options Tab not the advanced options tab as shown in the following link) for edit and set it to the Web Page you created for the Advanced Form by default it should have a pass id setting of 'id' (you can see this by clicking the Advanced checkbox above the Grid Configuration section - this needs to match what you set on the Steps query string parameter name it is best to just use id).  

Hi Fubar, 
Thanks for your advice.
I have tried whatever you explained but while opening the edit record webpage I am getting the following error.

We are sorry but seems something went wrong. Please try again, and if this persists, contact the website administrator.
Error ID # [1944bc1b-750e-470f-af82-e9f39f922039]
We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. Thank you for your patience.
5/12/2021 6:21:25 AM UTC
NAM 1d9a067e-74bb-4b6d-b661-a0858eec5955



any idea what part I am missing.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Unfortunately those standard errors are generic - to see the details you have to configure the Portal for extra error logging to Azure and then get the actual error details from there). 


Just in case you put something else, the first step must be an insert/edit/readonly i.e. it cannot be a Condition step.

If you modified an Advanced Form that you were using before, then also clear the Session entries (go to the form and look at Related records)


One thing you can do is take the Advanced Form off the Web Page and see it the page loads (this will at least tell you it is something to do with the Form) - then its probably a case of just creating an new Advanced Form and adding 1 step and see if the error still exists etc


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