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Helper III
Helper III

web page after redirecting is getting open in the popup window rather than full browser.

Hello All,

I have one entitylist and related page. which has a create button . after clicking on the create button on the popup window.


i submit record after filling up the form values.

after submit , the behind of the scene the redirect to is written and which redirect to entitylist form.

but the redirect is happening in the popup window only, rather i need it should not redirect in the popup rather it should open in the full window of the browser.



Regular Visitor



To ensure the main window redirects, please try creating a dedicated Web Page, on which you can place your Entity Form.

When you directly connect your Entity List to the Entity Form, it always opens up in a popup window, the redirect often misbehaves, because that Entity Form is stuck inside of the popup.


If you create a dedicated Web Page, on which you place your Entity Form, you can connect that on the Entity List instead. When configured like this, if you click a record from the Entity List it will open your dedicated Web Page (with that form) and after saving, that full page will be redirected.




Alternatively: If you feel you want to keep using the popup, you could embed a frame buster script on your portal page. This will bust out of the popup, if a page accidentally gets opened inside of a popup. Via the Portal Administration app, open the the Web Page you want to redirect to and add this piece of custom JavaScript on the Advanced tab:



  if(top != self) {
    top.location = location;






I have just assigned page removed first and then again assigned it. i think due to some cache issue this might had happened.

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