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App in Solution suddenly lost Data Icon and Environment Variables.


Problem: An App do not longer have the possibility to add Data from environment variables. It also do not have the Data icon on the left bar, but it is accessible from the View menu.

It works in other apps in the same environment. And with the exact same settings and version.


My work environment

I am developing a lot off apps in a DEV environment, each app in its own Solution.

I use Only Connection References and Environment variables in all my apps.

Authoring version: 3.22082.8


What happened.

I created some new SharePoint lists and added the environment variables to them in my environment.

In an app I am currently working on, I added the list from the environment variables. Works just fine like always.


I opened an app I last worked on until April/May 2022, to add these new SP list to it.

First thing I noticed was that the DATA icon was missing.

Then I used the View menu to see the existing data connections. They were all there and they were referring to the environment variables. They also works fine and data is delivered to the app.


I Clicked to add a new connection, but I do not get the Advanced Tab to choose Environment Variables for the Site or the lists.



Checked that version and settings are the same as the other apps it is working in.

Tried editing the EVs and setting them again.

Tried another admin user account.

Asked a college to try with her PC and account, but still the same.


Check this article, but none of the settings referred to is available with the version I am running.

Solved: Data Source icon missing in some apps - Power Platform Community (

Solved by: @mdevaney  Maybe you have the answer to the question: What happens when this setting is not there anymore?

I also reversed the version to 3.22074.11, but no luck, still no such settings available.


Tried to turn on every feature in preview, experimental and deprecated. (I only have preview features on in these apps)

No luck.

BUT, Turning them of again gave me a possible hint to the problem.

I am not able to switch of the retired feature:

"Disable Microsoft Dataverse new file and image data types".


It pops up with a dialogue With the title: "Turn on 'Improve data source experience and Microsoft Dataverse views'.


Easy solution. BUT there is no such setting anymore!!!!?


And also every time I open the Power Apps app settings I get the same message to turn on this feature.


Well please Microsoft, I would if I could! 🙂

Does anyone else have this problem? And maybe a solution?


Or maybe I need to recreate the app, since this is probably happening for apps that were upgraded this summer and did not have the settings 'Improve data source experience and Microsoft Dataverse views' applied... Perhaps.


Accepted Solutions
Frequent Visitor

Fixed it!


The setting "Improve data source experience and Microsoft Dataverse views" is to be found under the General section in settings. Setting that to On fixed the problem. 🙂



View solution in original post

Frequent Visitor

Fixed it!


The setting "Improve data source experience and Microsoft Dataverse views" is to be found under the General section in settings. Setting that to On fixed the problem. 🙂



Hi @PerOveSand,

Thanks for your sharing.

Best Regards,

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