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[BUG?] Dataset paging problem



I have a dataset pcf control to visualize subgrid data and have a problem with paging. For my visualization i have to load all records of the subgrid. Following code doesn't work correctly with small page size. 



public updateView(context: ComponentFramework.Context<IInputs>): void {
    // Add code to update control view

    if (context.parameters.targetDataSet.paging.hasNextPage) {
    else {
        // context.parameters.targetDataSet.loading == false
        // context.parameters.targetDataSet.paging.totalResultCount == 14
        // context.parameters.targetDataSet.records == 10 Objects

In my case the formatting options for the subgrid was set to 4 per default. For example if I increase it to 10 it loads all 14 records. But with page size 4 I'm getting only 10 of 14 records.


Does anyone other had this issues or can explain why it not works with smaller page size?


Current installed cli is 0.3.4 but the project was created with previous 0.2.8 (or so).


@anassid4 Canvas apps does not has PCF support yet so this question should be posted on PowerApps maker/general forum .

My guess is that you are not sharing connectors inside the app.


@anassid4 I'm sorry but I'm not very familar with power apps. I would try to create a blank app with a static label or button and then try to share.

In this way you could check if sharing in generel is working or not. If it works try to add a dataset and share again. If this works too you have to look for difference between your blank app and your current app. If this is not working then someone with more experience have to look at it 🙂

But as i said I'm not very familiar with power apps so it could be something very simple or it just not proposed for that like what @HemantG wrote. 

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