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Advocate II
Advocate II

Binding to address fields on contact/account

I'm just playing with the PCF and noticed that I cannot bind properties of my component to the address fields (e.g. address1_line1).


I am able to configure address fields on the form to display the control in the UI and that binds the first property. But any other properties after that cannot be bound to address fields on contact/account. I can bind them to other SingleLine.Text fields (e.g. firstname).


Is this a limitation or a bug?





May be I am late here but what we ended up is using the solution from this link :


Bind your address fields on the form as single line text and then open XRM toolbox and update them using the link mentioned above.





Thanks Manish, I already used the same to resolve binding issue.





Advocate I
Advocate I

The approach that worked for me was to use the Chrome F12 html editor to edit the options in the listbox that shows the available bound fields. I changed an html option to "address1_line1", for example, and was able to select and save it. No errors and it worked fine. Had to repeat the html hack for all of the address fields.

Advocate II
Advocate II

For anyone still awaiting an official solution to this issue I have what I believe is a more elegant solution to those mentioned to date via the use of custom events. See my blog post for full details...

View solution in original post


I believe the issue has been fixed and you can attach PCF components to address fields.

The only issue that is remaining seems to relate to address_line2 and address_line3 due to an oversight.
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Hi Ben, I was aware of the "partial" fix. However, given it's not actually fixed.... I shared this solution as an example of the use of events to enable forms and pcf's to communicate without the need for extra bound fields, onchange events, prop updates and notifyoutputchanged spaghetti code. Something about having to create fields solely for the purpose of communicating with a PCF goes against most design principles. As soon as I spot that the fix works 100% I'll be updating my Address Lookup control (not holding my breath given it's taken a year+ to get to this point!)


Thanks for pointing this out though.

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