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Bug: dependecy to solution containing control is reported incorrectly as a missing dependency, resulting unable to import solution

Since recently i have the problem tha I'm not able to import a solution that i have exported 1 minute before from the same instance (1 trail instance, so not moving solutions around to different instances of D365)


1) create cust control and import managed solution (called S1, with publisher A)

2) create solution (called S2, also with publisher A), add existing form to this solution and use control from S1 on this form

3) export solution (S2)

4) import solution (S2) again

expect => to be able to import the solution

actual => error complaining missing solution (S1)


When I verify the content of the solutions, I do see in solution.xml from S2, a required dependency to the control. The schemaname mentioned here is without the prefix which recently was introduced fro components. When I look in solution.xml from S1, I do see the component where rootcomponent has a schemaname including the prefix.


I have tried to following with success:

In solution S2, I changed the references to the component in the files solution.xml and customizations.xml so that the prefix is used. Now I am able to import solution S2 again in the same environment. 


When I export the solution S2 again and verify the content... the prefix is gone again and I am not able to import solution S2.


It looks like that when the solutions are exported, the prefix from the referenced components publisher, is not used.

I also tried to export solution S2 as managed. When I verify the export, it also doesn't use the prefix.


Could you verify this (unexpected) behavior







Thank you for providig the details, we will be taking a look and revert back on this. 


- Nando

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