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Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

I think I have an issue with the PowerApps CLI (I'm using the latest version: "Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI.1.1.6").

I've defined some images in my manifest file.

The first time I could use "pac pcf push", and the images were uploaded together with my control. But once the control was uploaded, I cannot update my control again.

In order update my component, I have two options: I have to delete the component from my environment or I have to delete the images in my manifest (since the images were uploaded before, I can still see them). 

Here is the error (sorry, there are a few german words, but you'll get the point)

2020-01-24 18_41_37-Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017.png

And this is the content of my manifest:




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <control namespace="ORBIS.PCF" constructor="AutocompleteMetadata" version="0.0.16" display-name-key="ORBIS.PCF.AutocompleteMetadata" description-key="ORBIS.PCF.Entity and attribute autocomplete" control-type="standard">
    <!-- property node identifies a specific, configurable piece of data that the control expects from CDS -->
    <property name="controlValue" display-name-key="Property_Display_Key" description-key="Property_Desc_Key" of-type="SingleLine.Text" usage="bound" required="true" />
    <property name="behavior" display-name-key="Behavior" description-key="Behavior" of-type="Enum" usage="input" required="true">
      <value name="Entity" display-name-key="Entity" description-key="Entity names" default="true">Entity</value>
      <value name="Attribute" display-name-key="Attribute" description-key="Attributes for an entity" >Attribute</value>
    <property name="entityName" display-name-key="EntityName" description-key="EntityName needed only for attribute type" of-type="SingleLine.Text" usage="input" required="false" />     
      <code path="index.ts" order="1"/>
      <css path="css/Metadata.css" order="1" />   
      <img path="css/imgs/DownArrowTransparent.png"/>
      <img path="css/imgs/DownArrowTransparent2.png"/>
      <uses-feature name="WebAPI" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Utility" required="true" />




 Best regards,



Accepted Solutions

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images



Try using this command for importing solution pac pcf push -pp ikl -f

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Power Apps Staff HemantG
Power Apps Staff

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

I am following this up with CLI tooling team and we will share the update soon.  



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Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

Can you try refering your weresource like below in your css.

background-image: url(/webresources/cc_Board.Board/img/Scoring.png);

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images



Try using this command for importing solution pac pcf push -pp ikl -f

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Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

As @sheldoncopper73 says have you tried to use the --force command with your push request.


so pac pcf push -pp orb -f


Your component manifest is identical to a few of mine and I've published them multiple times without issues including replacing the images with better versions.

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

Thank you @sheldoncopper73 and @ben-thompson ! 🙂 This fixed the problem. Where have you find the "-f" Option, since it's not documented yet? 

Unfortunately making the full upload takes about 3 minutes  😞 , but at least I don't have remove the control from the form in order to update it. 👍

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

If force update is taking time one more thing you could try is changing something from ControlManifest.xml file 


Do Minor changes somewhere you tags display-name-keys or description like putting an s after 


Then build and push solution using (pac pcf push -pp xyz)


Note: You would have to these steps every time you want to update

Eg -


  <data-set name="sampleDataSet" display-name-key="Dataset_Display_Key">
  <data-set name="sampleDataSet" display-name-key="Dataset_Display_Keys">

Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

It still makes no difference. This time I've checked exactly: it takes about 6-8 minutes !!! 

But I also have problems with generating the solution using the msbuild for my solution project (cdsproj). It must be something with a proxy or the company antivirus. When I'm in home office it works fast.

I have no idea where to check what's happening.

The log in /obj/builld.log just shows that the first 3 minutes are lost between cleaning and building.

[15:16:40] [clean]  Initializing...
  [15:16:40] [clean]  Cleaning build outputs...
  [15:16:40] [clean]  Succeeded
  Cleaning output directory: bin\Debug\, Intermediate directory: obj\Debug\ and Solution Packager working directory: obj\Debug\
  Removing log file: bin\Debug\SolutionPackager.log and generated solution package: bin\Debug\
  > pcf-project@1.0.0 build C:\birdia\Source\Repos\ORBIS.PCF.Autocomplete.Metadata
  > pcf-scripts build "--noColor" "--buildMode" "development" "--outDir" "C:\birdia\Source\Repos\ORBIS.PCF.Autocomplete.Metadata\out\controls" "--buildSource" "MSBuild"
  [15:19:50] [build]  Initializing...
 [15:19:50] [build]  Validating manifest...
  [15:19:50] [build]  Validating control...
  [15:19:51] [build]  Generating manifest types...
  [15:19:51] [build]  Compiling and bundling control...

The only way it works fast, is using the update mode of pac pcf push.


Thanks again for trying to help. At least I can use the "-f" argument, so I can go in this time to grab a coffee, instead of removing the component from the form 🙂 . That helps too.


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Re: Bug in "pac pcf push" when updating images

That will be your company's anti-virus software and policy.


I used to have the same 10 years ago at a previous company maintaining some Java code that used libraries that also consisted of 1,000s of small files (if it triggered when compiling you could drink your coffee and then go for a 15 minute walk).. We eventually got a waiver that allowed us to disable the software when compiling...

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