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Can PCF component be imported in latest OnPrem version environment

Hi @HemantG  @AnqiChen ,


Can PCF component be imported in the latest OnPrem version environment? If not is there will it be supported in future or there are any plan


This question might be silly but just wanted clear confirmation from somewhere.




Power Apps
Power Apps

Yes, PCF could be imported in latest OnPrem, as long as the solution file, its solution.xml says it's compatible with 'OnPrem', not 'CRMLive'


There are some cases that's not be able to be imported, but they are not related with PCF

1) If you export from an Online org, then import it to OnPrem

2) If you export from an OnPrem org, then import it to Online

3) If you export from latest version, then import it on an old version

For above cases, under some scenarios, the import will fail, but they are not related with PCF. The import failure are not blocked by PCF




Thank you and HALLELUJAH!!



So as developing on our on-premise version 9 offers additional stability - I've just booted up the server for the first time in a while and created a solution file using the original msbuild approach. Note, our on-premise server doesn't use SSL for laziness reasons and pac auth create throws an error stating that URLs must use HTTPS).


When I try to import the solution (created using msbuild) I get the following error




and when I open up the solution.xml of the deployment solution file the first line is


-<ImportExportXml xmlns:xsi="" generatedBy="CrmLive" languagecode="1033" SolutionPackageVersion="9.1" version="">


So any ideas how you could import a PCF component into an on-premise environment?

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Hi Ben, 
PCF controls are not supported in on-prem and this is something which is being evaluated for future. 


Documented here -








@HemantG Which is exactly what I thought and was saying throughout the first page of this thread until @AnqiChen appeared and said that they could be imported into On Premise releases.



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hi ben,


I replied improperly. Hemant corrects me.




*Hoping for a YES 🙏🙏🙏

Please log an idea on . I will surely check before we make a decision 🙂



@ben-thompson  just a wild guess. Have you tried to unpack solution, change versions to 9.0 and (or something similar), re-pack and import it? That's obviously not supported but... should work 🙂

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