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Can't Enable Power Apps component framework feature



I'm following the Docs to active the Component Framework (, but in Step 3:


Step3) Select the Environments tab in the left pane and select the environment where you want to enable this feature, select the ellipsis (...), and then select Settings.


But when click in the ellipsis (...) nothing appears:




Community Support
Community Support

Hello @LuizEddd23 


I see that you are trying in incognito , please check in different browser like Edge .



That's weird - you should also be able to click on the environment and then click 'Settings' from the command bar.


If all else fails you can navigate to the features area directly using:<YOUR ENVIRONMENT GUID>/settings/Features 


Hope this helps

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@pre , i checked with Edge without Incognito, samething happens.. I click in ellipsis (...) and nothing appears...


@ScottDurow , with the URL with /settings/features i enter in a blank page. I tried with only /settings at the end: I can enter on settings, but none of the links work.. If I click on Features link, I'm redirected to https://undefined/tools/systemsettings/dialogs/systemsettings.aspx and it's an error page.

I don't know if i got the correct GUID of my enviorment, where can i find this? I clicked in the name of the enviorment, and got redirected to this link  i supose my GUID is the red bold text.




Some more informations:

-> i'm using a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription (85 of 90 days left)

-> i can't delete the actual enviorment, if you see in the first print screen, normally when you select an environment, appears some buttons at the top of the page with option to delete, edit.. In my case, any buttons appears.

-> i can't create another environment, when i try to create a enviorment with Trial type this message appears: "This environment can't be created either because the tenant lacks an active trial subscription or the limit of trial environments has been reached. Request ID: 12e18b16-b7b1-4a31-9a8d-9de43165ad7c."

Community Support
Community Support

Hello @LuizEddd23 

  • Power Apps component framework is in public preview for canvas apps, and is generally available for model-driven apps. This implies that all the APIs that are supported for model-driven apps might not be supported on canvas apps yet.
  • By default Power Apps component framework is enabled for model-driven apps. To enable this feature for canvas apps, see Code components for canvas apps.

To check if the component framework feature is enabled check the below link ::

If you still have the issue please feel free to open support ticket to investigate further @



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I am facing the same  issue in enabling PCF feature for an environment in PowerApps. To enable the feature required permissions are -> "Make sure you have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions to update the business closures." When I checked on Azure I couldn't find such roles. Any idea what I am missing?


Note : My user is assigned to  Global Administrator and Power Platform Admin roles

Please check link below :

Thanks in advance!

@ScottDurow @LuizEddd23 @pre 

The environment in the screenshot is the Default Environment. Developers have drastically reduced permissions to customize this environment and you should never use it for building interactive user experiences. Create a new Environment of type Sandbox or Production (or even Developer) and you should be able to start using PCFs there.

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@cchannon Thanks for reply!


I checked the same in other browser and it was working it might be caching issue ..

OK, but all the same, I would still discourage you from doing your work in the Default environment: you should really spin up a separate environment for any customizations you want to do.

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