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Can't seem to update Custom Controls in D365?

I have a PCF control (custom control) in D365 that for some reason I can't update. I have set the version in my solution.xml and in my controlmanifest.xml multiple times to try to get the javascript to install but it just skips over it.

Even though the solution deployment says it succeeds (with the solution version number) when I export the solution the controlmanifest.xml that downloads is the originally deployed version.

It seems crazy that you can't update a custom control that you have deployed so I have to be missing something

example Scenario:

  • Starting Solution version = 1.02
  • Starting controlmanifest.xml version = 0.0.123
  • install new solution with version 1.03. & 1.0.1
  • Solution shows as 1.03 & Logs show that the control was processed
  • Download the Solution (export)
  • Solution xml show version 1.03 (good)
  • controlmanifest.xml version 0.0.123 (what, what???)
  • control javascript still the old javascript (v 0.0.123)

I should note this is an unmanaged solution and the control is then shared with our primary customizations solution (also unmanaged) that deploys out to UAT and PROD.


Hi @Magesoe , 

I had the same thought in the beginning.

But there is a big difference: the bundle.js generated and uploaded using "pac pcf push" is not minimized. Using "msbuild" you can generate both managed and unmanaged solution for production (using msbuild /p:configuration=Release).


You can see in my blog what a difference it makes in terms of size:


This community thread helped me understand this:


Hope it helps.


Kind regards,



Kind regards,
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Lot of discussion on the topic  - here are my comments 🙂 


1. PCF control not updated 

incrementing the control manifest version should update the control in the server. Two step verification would be first to check that the solution package has the new control version and then on server the control is updated. 


2. Controls need to be reconfigured 

Should not happen, once upgraded all existing configurations on model apps should take the new version. there are some internal caches for load optimization so browser window refresh or reload might be required. 


3. Increment solution version 

this is not needed , just the control manifest version should suffice. 


4. PAC push is faster and optimal way for development and saves lot of time incrementing as @DianaBirkelbach mentioned. If you try it out , you cannot get back to manifest update 🙂 


5. Control update in canvas apps 

For completeness, once the control is updated in CDS , the canvas app needs to be reopened to prompt for control upgrade . This is sub optimal for canvas PCF development and we are evalauting options to improve. PCF push also does not help in this case.



Hi, how can I delete a custom control? I deleted its solution but can still use the custom control. I think that it is because I had the custom control being used by a field at the time of deleting the solution. 

Power Apps
Power Apps

Control in unmanaged solution like all other unmanaged objects is not deleted with solution delete. 

You can go to customization explorer and find control under "custom controls'.


System does not let you delete the in use control as dependencies are tracked. Remove from forms where it is used, publish customization and then you can delete control.




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