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Cannot Use Maker Form Editor With PCF Field Components

Recently our portal was upgraded and now I am unable to open any entity form that utilizes a PCF Form Field component I have created.  When attempting to edit an entity form in the make editor I receive the error shown below.  Has anyone else seen this?




What is frustrating about this error is that there is not way to actually click on the technical details link.


Here is some additional information about the error.  It appears that for a field component there is no configuration property.  I do see a configurations property which has the configuration which were selected on the form such as Web or Mobile








Accepted Solutions

Hello all, sorry for the inconvenience this regression has caused. We have identified a fix and are actively working on getting it rolled out. The current mitigation is to temporarily disable all installed PCF components' form factors using the legacy designer.


Here are the steps to do so: 

mitigation pcf control.png


Our current estimate for the fix to be rolled out across all regions is the end of next week. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

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Hey @RAWilson  - I've not seen this - what is the manifest of your control? Maybe you could create a small control with the same manifest, add to the form using the classic form editor and try and reproduce the issue? This could then be sent to the support team?

I started experiencing the same issue last weekend. Took a hell of alot time to track down, as it was not something we had recently introduced. 

This is the component we are having the same issue with. It works perfectly fine if im using the classic editor.

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Getting the same error with the new editor and forms with PCF controls, as of the most recent update. Have been back and forthing with support, and wasn't able to pin down that it was due to enabled PCF controls so have been stuck for a bit.

At least the classic form editor can be used to remove the controls in the interim, and then they can be readded once the necessary changes have been made in the new editor (i.e use modal dialog on new/existing lookup).


Hopefully this is fixed pretty quickly.

There is definitely an issue here as I have a bug report from @BenediktB regarding my Metadata controls.

I will feedback when I've had a chance to have a proper look but it does seem it that the issue is elsewhere as there is really very little within those controls (it's standard javascript and html with nothing using OfficeUI or react).
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@ben-thompson absolutely, even if there is an issue with the PCF control itself, the error window definitely needs work as it is impossible to interact with/debug.

Helper I
Helper I

Our company has a case going with Microsoft support now, they have managed to reproduce the issue on their side. It seems to me like the problem lies with the form editor itself, but they are investigating further before they can say exactly what causes the issue.

Right now we are working around the issue by using the classic experience to edit and publish our forms. And opening the forms in model driven apps to check that they are working as expected.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @BallZer0h  and team,


We are currently in a process of investigating the issue with our PG.


We hope we will be able to identify the cause of this issue and fix it as soon as possible.


At the moment I can confirm the only workaround you can use is the Classic form Editor.


I am going to reply back to this post once we will have more details about this investigation.


Best regards,
Madalina Toma
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Engineer


Power Apps
Power Apps

Seems there might be an issue with the specific formXML representation , would it be possible for someone to share the affected FormXML with me . 




Community Support
Community Support

hi @HemantG ,


I will share with you my form Xml from vanilla, please edit the post and remove the email address as it is against forum support's policy.


Thank you,


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