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Error/Bug with control of type TwoOptions with usage "bound"

I think there is a bug in the function ParseRaw in the SimpleFormatter.ts file which is a part of the framework.

When i use TwoOptions my value type is boolean.

If my value is false, it will return on line 4.

If my value is true, it will step into the ManifestType.TwoOptions case and result in the following error:

"e.toLowerCase is not a function"

Because "toLowerCase" does not exist on a boolean value.

Im i doing something wrong here? My ManifestTypes.d.ts file generates boolean values for my TwoOptions control.


export function ParseRaw(value: string, type: string): any {
    let valueRaw: any;

    if (!value) {
        return value;

    switch (type) {
        case ManifestType.Decimal:
        case ManifestType.FP:
        case ManifestType.Currency:
            valueRaw = isNaN(parseFloat(value)) ? undefined : parseFloat(value);
        case ManifestType.OptionSet:
        case ManifestType.WholeNone:
            valueRaw = isNaN(parseInt(value, 10)) ? undefined : parseInt(value, 10);
        case ManifestType.DateAndTimeDateAndTime:
        case ManifestType.DateAndTimeDateOnly:
            valueRaw = new Date(value);
            if (isNaN(valueRaw)) {
                valueRaw = undefined;
        case ManifestType.TwoOptions:
            valueRaw = value.toLowerCase() === 'true' ? true : false;
            valueRaw = value;

    return valueRaw;
Power Apps
Power Apps

Providing a boolean is correct. This appears to be an error in our tooling only, you should see no issues with this control in an actual application.

We will file an internal bug to have the tooling system updated appropriately. Apologies for this inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply 🙂


So this will only happen when i run it in the localhost debugger and not when i host the control in D365?





Hi Marius,

This is correct. The code you've pointed out is specific to the testing harness, and doesn't exist in production code.


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